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10 Front Yard Improvements that Increase Home Value and Curb Appeal

10 Front Yard Improvements that Increase Home Value and Curb Appeal

Most homeowners are interested in gradually making improvements and upgrades to build up the value of their home, even if they aren’t planning to sell anytime soon. It’s a good strategy to tackle different projects over time to avoid too much mess and inconvenience all at once—and it doesn’t strain the budget as much that way.

Not all such efforts pay off, though. It takes some research to learn which additions and changes actually add enough value to your home to earn a profit at sale time. Many people believe, for example, that adding a pool is a reliable way to increase value. However, while pools generally make a home more desirable, they don’t add the $30K to $100K to the sale price that you’d need to break even or turn a profit on the investment.

With that said, below are ten front yard improvements that increase home value and your property’s curb appeal.

Front Yard Features that Raise Home Value

  1. Hardscaping and landscaping that uses materials like mulch, stones, or shells cut down on the amount of lawn that needs to be mowed, watered, and weeded. Such lower-maintenance front yards are always a draw for buyers and pay off indefinitely—long after the initial cost.
  1. Built-in irrigation systems that handle watering the lawn, flowers, and other plant life in the front yard are an enormously popular feature that also plays to the desire for low-maintenance grounds.
  1. Front yard water features instantly set a tranquil tone and invoke a sense of peace and contentment. They’re not just beautiful to look at and listen to—they create a psychological effect that enhances the home’s appeal, and you can count on them to deliver a return on the investment.
  1. Paver driveways are much more attractive than standard asphalt or concrete driveways. They grab attention right away and signal a home that’s simultaneously classic and contemporary. They’re also highly durable and easy to maintain and repair if necessary, and they ultimately add more monetary and curb-appeal value than they cost.
  1. Paver walkways have the same benefits as paver driveways. Place them thoughtfully to lead from the front door to the street, mailbox, driveway, front yard seating area, front yard garden, and/or back yard, and they’re a welcome addition that’s useful and valuable.
  1. Solar lights along the driveway and/or walkways are both a practical touch and an attractive element for any front yard. Installation is a reliably good move when you’re looking for front yard improvements that increase home value and curb appeal.
  1. Shade trees make a front yard more natural, welcoming, and appealing. Smartly placed, they also help protect the home from the elements and reduce energy demands and costs. Planting a few in the right places in the front and side yards (and the back yard too, of course) is sure to raise your home value and boost its desirability.
  1. Raised planting beds or boxes along the front of the home and on or around the porch or entryway allow you to add color with flowers or your own herb garden. Most buyers are drawn to the possibilities, whether they maintain what you’ve established or intend to convert the planting spaces to suit their own vision.
  1. Attractive, new or well-maintained front doors and garage doors are a great way to improve a home’s facade, curb appeal, and value. And yet, they’re so often overlooked. They should complement the character of the home while standing out a bit to make a statement.
  1. An enhanced entryway transitioning from the front yard to the home adds a special feel—and tangible value, too. Aside from a great front door, adding architectural features that match the character of the home, comfortable seating, healthy non-obtrusive plants, or an outdoor foyer are some good options.

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