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10 More Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

10 More Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

We’ve already written about some quick, simple ways to boost your curb appeal, but now we want to offer more ideas, including some that are more time-consuming or costly. If you have some time (and maybe a home-improvement budget) on your hands, take advantage of these ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal to improve the look of your front exterior.

These are great steps to take if you’re planning to sell your home, as they increase buyer appeal and, in many cases, your home’s value as well. Of course, they’re also useful if you just want your place to look nicer for your family, from the street, and to your guests.

Ideas for Increasing Curb Appeal

  1. Put in new hardware out front. This could include light fixtures affixed to your home, doorbell and doorbell plate, front door knob and plate, knocker, peephole, etc.
  1. Add simple but stylish lighting along the driveway and/or front walkway if you don’t have any, or update the existing fixtures.
  1. Upgrade your front porch furniture with new nicer pieces. While modern-looking outdoor furniture is often a good choice, select a set that complements the character of your home.
  1. Install a fountain or other water feature in your front yard.
  1. Put up new shutters on the windows. Or, for a less expensive option, paint the existing ones to make them look newer and more attractive. Use this as an opportunity to add a pop of complementary color, rather than just matching the primary house paint color.
  1. Install new garage doors, or even just paint the existing ones if they could use it.
  1. Add fencing, or repair and paint your existing fencing. Stick to something that goes with the character of your home. Also, remember: While fencing is for privacy in your side and back yards, it shouldn’t hide your home out front; it’s more for aesthetic purposes there. You obviously don’t want to obscure your efforts after taking advantage of some of these ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal.
  1. Replace an aging or unattractive front yard walkway with a new, gorgeous paver walkway.
  1. Give your landscaping a professional revamp. Just keep in mind that home buyers tend to like simple landscaping that allows them to easily add their own touches, and low-maintenance yards are always in demand.
  1. Put in a paver driveway if your driveway is starting to look damaged or aged.

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