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10 Quick, Simple Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal

10 Quick, Simple Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal

If you’re hosting a big party, having the boss over for dinner, getting ready to photograph your home for real estate pictures, preparing to show your home to potential buyers, or just in the mood to freshen up the appearance of your home’s exterior and front yard, there are plenty of manageable ways to boost your curb appeal.

You don’t have to reinvent your landscaping or install a new paver driveway to make an appreciable difference. While those can be great projects that add lots of “wow” and value, right now we’re just talking about some effective DIY ways to boost your curb appeal that you can pull off within a few hours or over the weekend.

Of course, not all the suggestions will be applicable, and you probably can’t tackle them all in a weekend. At least not by yourself. So, pick the most practical options and address the areas showing the most need at your home to achieve the biggest improvement.

Easy Ways to Enhance Curb Appeal

  1. Do some yard work and cleanup, like weeding, raking leaves, trimming bushes, putting the yard tools and kids’ toys in the garage, and mowing the lawn. Just some basic cleanup and care goes a long way to creating a nice, tidy presentation.
  1. Put in a nice, new mailbox if yours is looking a little out-of-date or weathered.
  1. Hose down (with a forceful spray) or power wash the exterior of your home (avoid caulking and other sealing if you’re power washing), the driveway, the walkway, and the sidewalk in front of your home. Don’t power wash your roof, though, as this can damage shingles.
  1. Wash the windows, inside and out.
  1. Put a fresh coat of paint on the window panes, door frame, and other exterior trim.
  1. Install an elegant new front door that stands out but complements the overall look of your home, or paint your old one. And while you’re there, do you need a new doorbell?
  1. Replace your house numbers with brand new ones.
  1. Place a bench in the front yard if there’s a pleasant, shady spot where it would make sense to sit.
  1. Install flower boxes or large flower pots.
  1. Use lattice or another attractive option for hiding eyesores like the outdoor air conditioning unit, trash and recycling cans, etc.

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