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11 Good Ideas for Adding Lighting to Your Back Yard

11 Good Ideas for Adding Lighting to Your Back Yard

These ideas for adding lighting to your back yard are practical, providing illumination to help you see as you enjoy your backyard living space and entertain guests there, and preventing falls due to lack of visibility. But they’re not just functional; they’re also stylish and aesthetic, adding ambiance to your backyard oasis and helping bring it to life.

Backyard Lighting Ideas

  1. Install a fire pit; it’s good for increased illumination, but the flickering and cackling add a lot to the atmosphere too (and of course it provides heat, as well).
  1. Run string lighting over your deck, patio, or other delineated outdoor living space.
  1. Place lanterns that use candles or LED lights around the area; these are a particularly good option if you want the flexibility of being able to easily move lights around.
  1. Affix strips of LED lighting to the underside of ledges on steps, deck railings, decorative or seating walls, etc., or along the sides of deck rail posts, pergola posts, etc.
  1. Put in a pergola and run string lighting up its posts and along the top beams.
  1. Put up trellis around your backyard living and entertaining space and hang string lights on it.
  1. Install outdoor LED light fixtures that go in the ground around your patio or deck, around the pool, and along walkways in your back yard.
  1. Buy large planters that illuminate at night if you want something that does double duty, accommodating potted plants and providing more light.
  1. Hang pendant lights or a chandelier if you have a roof over your deck or patio.
  1. Place outdoor lamps on the end tables on your deck, patio, pool deck, etc.
  1. Check out fun nature-oriented products like illuminated logs, stone candle holders, firefly lights, and others made to add creative lighting sources to your back yard.

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