15 Compelling Benefits of Outdoor Fountains and Water Features

15 Compelling Benefits of Outdoor Fountains and Water Features

Adding distinctive elements to your landscape and hardscape design is a key part of transforming your yard into your personal idea of paradise. Among the many possibilities, yard fountains, garden fountains, waterfalls, and similar outdoor water features are a great investment—for yourself, your family, and your home value. If you’re debating whether to add one, take a quick look at just some of the benefits of outdoor fountains and water features below.

Why Install a Yard Fountain or Other Water Feature?

  1. It’s a desirable yard enhancement that boosts curb appeal and increases the value of your home, whether you add it to the front or the back yard.
  1. The gentle sound of running water is highly therapeutic and great for reducing stress and anxiety.
  1. Just like bird feeders and birdbaths, water features attract birds to your yard to liven it up with more fluttering, color, and song.
  1. The sound of a water feature can mask less desirable sounds you may hear in your yard, like street noise or sounds making their way over from the neighbor’s place.
  1. One of the best benefits of outdoor fountains and water features is that they’re incredibly relaxing to look at and listen to.
  1. Your yard becomes more of the tranquil escape you want it to be.
  1. You’ll feel closer to nature and further from the hectic modern world.
  1. These are outdoor enhancements of great beauty that can be appreciated by anybody.
  1. Fountains and other water features come in countless shapes, sizes, styles, and colors to perfectly complement any yard environment and personal taste.
  1. Their diversity also means you can successfully fit them into any yard size, layout, or design.
  1. They add more ambiance to your outdoor entertainment space.
  1. Unlike birdbaths and other stagnant water, outdoor fountains and other enhancements with flowing water won’t attract mosquitoes or serve as their breeding ground.
  1. Your dogs or outdoor cats will love drinking from a water feature in your yard—and it’ll help keep them cool and prevent dehydration.
  1. If you’re into feng shui, fountains and flowing water help restore balance and positive vibes in any indoor or outdoor environment (“shui” even means “water” in Chinese, and “feng” means “wind”).
  1. It’ll make everyone else just a little more jealous of your yard!

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