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Ideas for Increasing Privacy in Your Back Yard

Ideas for Increasing Privacy in Your Back Yard

Increasing privacy in your back yard is, for many people, an important step in turning their outdoor space into a truly relaxing getaway. After all, as much as you may (or may not) like your neighbors, it’s nice to know you can enjoy the yard without other people having a full view of you.

If you have a solid fence that gets the job done, then you’re set. But if you don’t have one—or if you have multi-story homes around you—then you may be looking for other ways of increasing privacy in your back yard. So, below are a few ideas for hiding yourself away a little better out back.

Ways of Increasing Privacy in Your Back Yard

  • Place trees with thick foliage or tall hedges around your property line.
  • Surround your patio or other outdoor living area with shrubs, small trees, or other smaller plants that have substantial foliage.
  • Install an awning, canopy, or patio cover that not only provides shade, it also blocks the view from your neighbors’ upper-story windows.
  • Even a well-placed, large sun umbrella can have the same effect as a canopy.
  • Add a pergola to your yard, and hang outdoor curtains on one or more sides for more protection from the elements and increased privacy.
  • Have an outdoor fireplace with a large wall built on your deck, patio, or other outdoor seating area.
  • Hang large planters and/or other decorative items from your pergola, patio cover, or other structure.
  • Install trellis, a screen wall, or other privacy wall around your patio or other seating area; while they don’t completely obscure the view, they break up the line of sight and boost your sense of seclusion.
  • If you’re adding a patio or other hardscaping to your back yard, consider how you can use your house and other existing yard features to maximize privacy.

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