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Take Advantage of 2D Imaging for Hardscape Planning

Take Advantage of 2D Imaging for Hardscape Planning

A large-scale hardscaping project for your yard can seem somewhat intimidating. It often requires completely re-imagining your yard. This means you’re counting on your ability to picture and accurately describe what you want, that you should collaborate with an expert on the planning, and that you’re putting a lot of faith in a contractor to execute the final vision.

And many homeowners have had the experience of undergoing home renovations, expansions, upgrades, or other improvement projects that just didn’t turn out the way they pictured them. This can be pretty disappointing, but it can also leave you feeling less than totally comfortable in your home or even needing to spend more money to fix things.

This is why 2D imaging for hardscape planning is such a beneficial technology and such a helpful tool for the project planning stages. We strongly advise only using a hardscaping contractor that offers this service for free in the beginning stages of your yard enhancement project.

Why Is 2D Imaging for Hardscape Planning so Great?

2D imaging software brings your project plans to life in ways that blueprints and sketches simply can’t. It depicts your desired hardscaping elements to scale, placed in the larger context of your yard space, house, landscaping, and any existing yard structures and features.

This immerses you in a realistic model of how your new yard will look and feel once your hardscaping and other new yard additions are complete. You get a true-to-life sense of how everything works together, including how space is taken up, how empty space figures in, how everything meshes proportionally, how your yard flows and allows for mobility, and other important aspects of smart yard design.

In other words, 2D imaging makes it so much easier to understand exactly how your project plans will turn out, eliminating the risk of unforeseen, avoidable design issues upon completion.

This tool makes it quick and easy to make adjustments and tweak the design during the project planning stage, especially as compared to changing blueprints and drawings. It’s also helpful for collaborating with your contractor and ultimately nailing down plans perfectly deliver on your vision of your ideal outdoor retreat at home.

Ready to turn your yard into paradise?

We provide luxury hardscaping and other yard enhancements in Central Florida, and offer free 2D imaging to help ensure your project turns out exactly the way you want! Get in touch today!

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