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  • Why should I provide a survey?
    A survey will be required by your local permitting municipality. We also use surveys in our Computer Aided Design software to plan projects in detail.
  • Why should I provide photos of my yard?
    We use these photos to make an assessment before the consultation takes place. Providing an image of the area you wish to improve aids our sales representative in orientating themselves for your project to facilitate a more affective dialogue.
  • Does my estimate include the cost of labor?
    The estimate you receive after completing "Request an Estimate" includes the cost of labor for fabrication and installation. Although, it may require adjustments for electrical, plumbing, and other custom features that will later be determined.
  • Why should I provide a budget?
    Providing a budget allows us to make recommendations and to more efficiently render our services. We do not change the cost of our services given this information.
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